Breast Enhancements

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Breast Enhancements

Plastic surgery is a blend of art and science. Dr. Linda Li will talk to you about your specific case and goals to achieve the look you desire.

At Linda Li, MD, the team offers a variety of breast enhancements that can make a significant change in the way your body looks and feels.

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Uplift
  • Breast Reduction
  • Breast Revision

From the moment you begin your journey with a phone call to our office, you will find yourself in the hands of people who care and want to listen.

Breast Augmentation

When a woman feels that her breasts are too small or have diminished in size after having children, breast augmentation may provide the improvements she seeks. Employing modern surgical techniques, a woman can achieve a full, natural bustline that compliments her body’s shape.

Breast augmentation uses silicone or saline implants to increase your cup size so you have a fuller chest that makes you feel beautiful and feminine. Dr. Li works with you to determine just the right size and shape to complement your body.

Breast Lift

With natural effects of childbirth or aging, a woman’s breasts may lose their youthful, uplifted appearance. This drooping and sagging can be reversed with an uplift (“mastopexy”), which removes the excess skin and reconstructs the supporting structures of the breast.

Breast Reduction

Often the embarrassment of overly large breasts, as well as neck, back, and shoulder pain, lead a woman to desire smaller breasts. With breast reduction (“reduction mammoplasty”), a woman’s breasts are sculpted to compliment and no longer overwhelm her shape, creating a harmony between her body and breasts.
Overly large breasts can negatively affect your self-image, cause neck and back pain, and make some types of physical activity uncomfortable. Dr. Li sculpts your breasts to a size that complements your physique and no longer overwhelms your shape.

Breast Revision

Plastic surgery is a blend of art and science. When a less than optimal result is achieved, it is often possible to improve or correct the problem

Breast Enhancements Q&A

Who is a candidate for breast enhancements?

Healthy women who would like to change the appearance of their breasts are candidates for breast enhancement surgery.

Talk to Dr. Li about your concerns, and she can guide you toward the procedure that will give you the best outcome. She’ll explain, in detail, what to expect during and after your surgery and helps you visualize your results.

What is recovery from breast enhancement surgery like?

Most women will need to take several days off of work and limit physical activity for at least a week following surgery.

Expect to experience some soreness, swelling, and bruising after your procedure. You’ll also be given a compression garment to wear around your chest to help with these post-surgery side effects.
You’ll probably be back to some normal activity within a week. Dr. Li gives you thorough recovery instructions and clears you for activities as you heal.

If you’re unhappy with the look of your breasts, contact Linda Li, MD, to learn about your breast enhancement options. Call the office or use the online tool to schedule.

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Meet Dr. Li

Linda Li, MD, FACS, is a world-renowned, board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Beverly Hills, California. She is proud to provide a wide range of services to people in the Los Angeles area.

Dr. Li attended Boston University where she obtained her undergraduate and medical degrees through an elite six-year program. After completing her surgical residency at Los Angeles County + USC Medical Center, she extended her skills with a plastic surgical fellowship at New York-Presbyterian / Weill Cornell Medical Center.

Dr. Li, Thank you very much for the wonderful results that you gave me! I’m so happy with everything! I appreciate your kindness in taking me in as part of the family. My experience with your entire staff was amazing! Sincerely


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